Travel Week Photos – Legoland

My kids are GREAT little traveler’s (they definitely get that from their dad!), so we decided to take a trip to Legoland California last year. They were 8, 5 and 3 when we went, and I will say I think they were the perfect age for Legoland. Some of the highlights from the park were the Driving School-my kids did that about a dozen times and we even bought them a driver’s license lanyard with their pictures as a keepsake, and we visited in February so there were rarely any lines to stand in. We stayed at their hotel which was PERFECT for the size of our family since the sleeping arrangements were a bunk bed with a trundle in one area and a king size bed in a separate area, so Evan and I could stay up a bit later and watch TV. I got our kids matching lego shirts with their names from Etsy, and we definitely made some memories that will last a lifetime! Evan and I took a trip to the big island of Hawaii this year without the kids, so we are starting look at our next family vacation to Disneyland (shorter flight, carsland) or Disneyworld (never been, but longer flight) and I would love to hear some feedback on which was your favorite! – Emili

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