One week ago we found out that our kids’ schools would be closed for six weeks. I’m not going to lie, my first reaction was UGHHHH! We had been pummeled with bad news that previous week. Events and appointments canceled. Baseball season postponed, which was a tough pill to swallow for my boys. Spring is the busiest time of year for my kids. Kellen plays on several baseball teams, and Nolan being a few years younger was not too far behind. Right now we should be gearing up for conflicting practices or games every night, my email inbox dinging with notifications from coaches, and school functions to boot. Instead, it’s radio silence.

One week in and we are adjusting surprisingly well to our new normal. We have slowed down and been given the beautiful opportunity to spend quality time with our kids. Not just a quick “tell me about your day” on the way to practice. I’ve been able to identify learning gaps, skills overlooked by being over-scheduled and we’ve started to fill them in. My kids have all learned how to do their own laundry from start to finish,

Kellen rode his bike to his grandparent’s house all my himself for the first time and cooked us a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. These kids are resilient! Circumstances took their beloved baseball season, but a few days in and my youngest brother had built a home run fence out of pool supplies from the garage, and a bit of our baseball joy was back. The following day Luke and Kellen built an obstacle course that took up our entire acre of land, and spent all afternoon taking turns to see who could get the fastest time.

I’m also teaching Kellen to write in cursive, since that is something not taught at our school anymore. I don’t want the kids to fall behind, so we have been doing some school work, which has given our day some rhythm, and has been good for the kids, but especially for myself as I thrive on routine. We even say the pledge of allegiance every morning at the request of my kindergartner. I have let go of the high expectations that I held for having a clean house. We’re spending more time making messes than cleaning, because who is going to see it anyways? We stay up late and sleep in. We took today off from our home school, but they’re still learning. We’re measuring the ingredients for banana bread, and the kids are reading in the fort they built this morning. It’s far from perfect, but we’re trying our best and having a lot more fun than I had ever imagined at this whole quarantine thing. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to slow down! – Emili

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