Snuggles and Scooter Weather

Week one of staying home. Lots of snuggles, shirtless school work, fun projects, learning how to ride a bike, lots of sun 🙌🏼, and of course visiting our soon to be home. I’ll gladly not leave once we are moved.

 I’m normally an extrovert that lives on being out and about. This week has showed me that after becoming a mom I love staying home. They are enough of a fill for me. My people are fun, sweet, students(I hated school! These guys love it), and so helpful. I’m NOT minding all the extra tv either. It was also nice enough to go for some scooter rides. Praise the Lord for great weather. Oh yeah, I forgot, I haven’t gotten dress once and will not Anytime soon. I’m pretty sure that’s been my favorite. – Sarah

We are nearing completion of our new home and we couldn’t be more excited!

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