Birthday Parade

While navigating our new normal during this pandemic, another thing we’ve had to adjust is birthday parties! Between our amazing group of mom friends, we’ve figured that we are going to miss out on at least 6 of our kiddos special days. Our friend Katie came up with the idea of a birthday parade when little Elsie’s birthday came around. We all decided on a time and met up in the elementary school parking lot, all while socially distancing ourselves by staying in the car. Some of us made banners, had balloons and blasted her favorite song “Let It Go” as we drove by her house honking and waving. The look on her face was priceless. We’ve since done 2 other birthday parades and not only did the birthday kid love it, but we quickly realized it was an amazing morale booster for us parents too. It has since become a major highlight and we are so thankful we have video proof to look back on this amazing time that we all came together to make a difference one birthday at a time. 

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