Rec Room Episode 11 – 15

Deep Eddy Vodka – Need we say more? This company is based out of Austin TX and we love all the flavor options they provide!

ECR4Kids ACE Wobble Chair – Trying to survive homeschool? Got wiggly kiddos? You need this chair. The rounded bottom of these stools allows your child to wiggle back and fourth while they’re getting their learning on. It’s ergonomic design helps with posture while helping to activate and strengthen core muscles!

Flo PMS Vitamins – Let’s face it, PMS is the real deal, and these gummies make it suck less! This once daily vitamin can help with bloating, hormonal acne, mood swings and cramps! Sign up for their auto-delivery service to save!

Jojo Queen Period Underwear – These period panties are amazing whether it’s that time of the month, or if you need to cross your legs anytime you have a good laugh. They’re 95% cotton making them super breathable, and 5% spandex for that stretch we all need in our lives.

Dr Formulated Brain Health Attention & Focus for Kids – While these may not be the most delicious thing in the world, Sarah loves these kids vitamins for her kiddos who may need a little help with focusing. They are organic, gluten free and non GMO! Recommended for kids 4 and up!

Mail-Order Mysteries – These kits are so much fun for the whole family! Each mystery is personalized for your child so they are the story hero! Crack the code by using the clues! This is sure to make any afternoon fun!

DRMTLGY Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 46 – This stuff is the bees knees! This all-in-one moisturizer will quickly become your favorite. It moisturizes and has a subtle universal tint that is suitable for ANY skin color. Great for sensitive skin and made in the USA. Paraben, sulfate, oil, cruelty, gluten, formaldehyde and hormone FREE. It will leave you with a beautiful glow that looks like you have your life together.

Sibling Revelry Podcast with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson – We’re loving this podcast right now! Kate and Oliver Hudson interview celebrity siblings in this hilarious podcast. Don’t miss episode 4 with Laura and Lisa Ling where they discuss being a prisoner of war in North Korea.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost – We love this lash boost by Rodan + Fields! Not only does it help your lashes grow super long, but it also helps to darken blonde lashes! Find yourself a consultant and get that discount!

Bed Scrunchie – This thing is the bees knees! It keeps your fitted sheet tight on your mattress meaning no ripples or wrinkles! It’s also great if you have a super thick mattress and you have issues with your sheets slipping off!

Minnetonka Women’s Moccasin – These amazingly warm slippers are super comfortable and hold up longer than those 98% spandex jeggings you love.

Waffle WOW Mini Waffle Maker – This mini waffle maker will be a hit with kids and adults alike! Choose from dinosaurs, animals, and sea creatures! The cars & trucks model is sold out on Amazon, but we will keep checking!

BPA Free Buckle Booster – These buckle boosters are so great for kiddos who are just moving up to a booster seat! They clip on to the seatbelt latch to secure it in place and stop it from disappearing into your seat to make it easier for your child to buckle themselves into their seat!

Honda Metropolitan Scooter – Sarah loves feeling the wind in her hair as she cruises down the road on her scooter. It’s also a great little commuter for driving around town. Added bonus? It’s great for a little “me” time when you want to get away!

Unsolved Mysteries – Watching this show as a kid was a great memory and now it’s back with new episodes over 20 years later. And hey, if you feel unfulfilled by the “unsolved” aspect of the show? Hop on over to Reddit like Emili and you can fall down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole!

Pigma 50220 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set – The smoothness of these pens is so good, you will want to hide them so no one else can get their grubby little hands on them.

The BEST Healthy Pancake Recipe – This is my boys favorite pancake recipe! Sweetened only with honey and applesauce, you will feel good about making these! They freeze easily and I’ve packed them in lunches for school! They’re so tasty, you don’t even need syrup. Add a few sprinkles and you’re ready to party!

Tiger King – Need some entertainment? Check out this show recommend by Emili. It’s kind of like a trainwreck in the best possible way.

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