Episode 15 – Food Allergies with guest Megan Ratzesberger

On this episode we address children with food allergies with a very special guest (and Sarah’s big sis) Megan Ratzesberger. Megan’s daughter has been living with food allergies for all thirteen years of her life, and Megan is here to give us insight into what it’s like being the parent of a kid with such severe allergies, as well as tips on how she protects and advocates for her daughter.

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Episode 14 – Cultivating Strong Sibling Relationships

In this week’s episode we discuss how we work to cultivate strong sibling relationships between our children. We talk about how our relationships with our siblings might affect our own parenting and how we encourage strong sibling bonds in our families.

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Episode 13 – Teaching During The Pandemic With Heather Butchart

We don’t know about you (wait yes we do) but this whole virtual learning thing is really making us question a lot of things. This week we’ve invited Heather Butchart, 4th grade teacher at one of our local Elementary schools, to give us some perspective and answer all of the questions we have about teaching and learning during this crazy time!

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Birthday Parade

While navigating our new normal during this pandemic, another thing we’ve had to adjust is birthday parties! Between our amazing group of mom friends, we’ve figured that we are going to miss out on at least 6 of our kiddos special days. Our friend Katie came up with the idea of a birthday parade when little Elsie’s birthday came around. We all decided on a time and met up in the elementary school parking lot, all while socially distancing ourselves by staying in the car. Some of us made banners, had balloons and blasted her favorite song “Let It Go” as we drove by her house honking and waving. The look on her face was priceless. We’ve since done 2 other birthday parades and not only did the birthday kid love it, but we quickly realized it was an amazing morale booster for us parents too. It has since become a major highlight and we are so thankful we have video proof to look back on this amazing time that we all came together to make a difference one birthday at a time. 

The 5 Stages of Social Distancing

Well, here we are. In the thick of it. Week one of no school and social distancing down as we prepare to embark on week 1 of  “Shelter in Place”. We thought it might be a fun idea to share some of the things we’ve been doing to keep busy and some of the silver linings that have come out of this week. 

Let’s face it, when I first heard the schools were closing for at least 6 weeks, I had a moment of panic. “What am I going to do with these kids for SIX WEEKS?” It may be safe to assume some of you had the same thought process. Denial, panic, anger, depression and acceptance…we’ll call these “The 5 Stages of Social Distancing.” Luckily, I feel as if I arrived at the acceptance stage rather quickly, and since then it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

Back to Basics

We’ve been getting outside (thank you sunny weather) and taking walks, riding bikes, and eating lunches and snacks in our front yard. We took a walk on a path we’ve never gone on that is literally only 1/4 a mile down the road from our house. We threw rocks discovered bridges, and watched a backhoe and dump truck move some dirt around. One of the highlights of our outside time was teaching the boys how to play hopscotch. It gave me so much joy to watch them do something I loved as a kid!

There has also been a lot of discovering and growth (for everyone) on this journey. Mason has finally learned to tie his shoes, and rather quickly which makes me think I put it off too long because I thought he couldn’t do it. He also is an expert egg cracker! Another thing my control freak self wouldn’t allow him to do because #shells. I’m learning more patience and that it’s ok to let others do things sometimes. It doesn’t have to be “my way or the highway” (unless I’ve told you to get your shoes on and there isn’t compliance…then it’s most definitely the highway!)

If you haven’t discovered “Just Dance” videos on YouTube, I highly suggest it! PE time has been transformed and watching your kids follow along to the moves is entertainment for everyone. Our oldest has tried the actual game once, but ended up so frustrated because it gives you a star rating (video games can be so judgey). Most of the ones uploaded to YouTube are 5-star ratings, so not only do you get a good workout, but also a confidence booster!

No matter what stage of social distancing you’re in, don’t forget that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together and doing the best we can with what we’ve got! – Casey

Episode 9 – Journey To Motherhood – IVF with guest Meaghan Bickel

This week we start our three part series on different journeys to motherhood! This week Casey and Emili welcome special guest Meaghan Bickel to discuss her journey to motherhood through IVF. 

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Snuggles and Scooter Weather

Week one of staying home. Lots of snuggles, shirtless school work, fun projects, learning how to ride a bike, lots of sun 🙌🏼, and of course visiting our soon to be home. I’ll gladly not leave once we are moved.

 I’m normally an extrovert that lives on being out and about. This week has showed me that after becoming a mom I love staying home. They are enough of a fill for me. My people are fun, sweet, students(I hated school! These guys love it), and so helpful. I’m NOT minding all the extra tv either. It was also nice enough to go for some scooter rides. Praise the Lord for great weather. Oh yeah, I forgot, I haven’t gotten dress once and will not Anytime soon. I’m pretty sure that’s been my favorite. – Sarah

We are nearing completion of our new home and we couldn’t be more excited!